Thursday, December 22, 2011

Concussions, Soccer, Crosby & General Wellness

I'm a Caps fan and always will be. I remember going to a Caps game for my 10 year old birthday. I remember getting a puck. I remember Caps vs. Penguins. Bondra. Hunter. Jagr. Lemieux.

And now its Ovechkin and Crosby. Or was.

And while I can't stand the Penguins. Or seeing Crosby win the Stanley Cup. Or seeing him score the winning goal for the Olympic gold. I feel bad for kid.

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is becoming no joke. Once unknown and a "spotty" association with boxing, TBI is turning into a cacophony of unfortunate stories that are quickly manifesting within our more prominent sports. From an enigmatic Chris Henry to potential research showing mild TBI in heading a soccer ball, it's crazy.

I had a concussion from soccer in mid-September. Enjoyed a 2-night stay in the hospital. Ate the shit out of some red jello, chilled in MRI machines, and hoarded brownies. It's been almost 3 months now and I'm still not a 100%. I've had/have an ironic opportunity to get an insider's view into current TBI research; it's exciting to see dedication from national & international communities and organizations. Here's to progress.

This is not a post about food (unless you count the jello comment) but just a self-realization that sometimes unfortunate events are closer than they seem. Sometimes, the world goes up. Other times, the world goes down. The cyclical nature of those highs and lows are a natural occurrence - but it's merely how we deal with them in our everyday lives.

It's a amazing what happens when you re-frame your outlook. While I was staring down a possible prognosis (lets call it Prognosis E), instead of thinking about how much not drinking, not being active, limiting certain activities, taking Rxs, getting more lab tests would suck; I thought:

"Well shit, with these next 6 months I'm going to get into the best shape of my life."

And then Prognosis E wasn't scary or sad or negative. It was a challenge. Daunting yes, but a recognizable goal.

24 hours later - Prognosis E never manifested. Who knows if it was the positive thinking I had maintained. Or just a sign to tweak some things - I don't have to have Prognosis E to get in the best shape of my life.

So...why the eff not?  Going very gluten-lite, no coffee, grilling tons of wild caught salmon, cooking tons of kale and quinoa, real food, avoiding refined-sugar, actually going to sleep, actually drinking water.  We'll see what happens (and yes, I know those aren't tweaks, but tweaks are easier to fix than moving mountains, right?).

Pay attention to your body. Your health. Your wellness. And if you do happen to get leveled in the head, have headaches, light sensitivities, and double vision - get it checked out. Don't be stubborn.

Happy Holidays.

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