Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Simply Grilled Brussels Sprouts

As the food selection in my refrigerator started to dwindle, I noticed that I had neglected the 2 lb bag of Brussels sprouts hidden in the produce drawer. So what'd I decide to do!?! Grill them of course...

Wait...who the hell grills Brussels sprouts?

Now, the anthropological psychologist would say that this was from a deeply rooted desire to stab things and cook them over fires, but we'll just stick to the story that I didn't feel like creating dirty dishes/pans; I had vegetables that were at risk of disintegrating in my refrigerator; and that I'm obsessed with grilling.

Things I've learned from random Brussels sprouts grilling experience:
  • Brussels Sprouts are harder than marshmallows. DO NOT hold the sprout in one hand and attempt to skewer it in the other... I skewered two sprouts this way and both times, came dangerously close to impaling myself. (That would be an embarrassing ER room visit...) Place the sprout on a cutting board THEN skewer
  • Metal conducts heats... And consequently metal skewers are hot after they've been on the grill for 20 minutes
  • Olive oil, salt, and pepper can go a long way when grilling vegetables
  • Its Brussels sprouts not brussel sprouts or Brussel sprouts. But Brussels sprouts (I feel like an apostrophe should be thrown in somewhere or something)
Absurdly simple recipe
  • Bag of Brussels sprouts
  • Skewers or metal basket
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Olive Oil
  • Grill
  1. Wash the Brussels sprouts
  2. Chop off the base of the sprout and peel off some of the dirty leaves
  3. If you're going with the caveman, skewer approach - skewer the sprouts
  4. Coat in olive oil, salt, and pepper
  5. Preheat grill to about 350 or so
  6. Grill for 18-20 minutes (rotate every 5 minutes or so)
    1. I have an electric grill so the direct vs. indirect heat determination is tougher when the food is sitting above electric coils.  But I placed the Brussels sprouts along the edge of grill for awhile (to cook them internally), then moved them towards the center for 5 minutes or so to make them crispy

They turned out pretty good for my first time. They were cooked through, not too mushy on the inside, and crispy on the outside. I want to try and experiment with different spices or flavors (I can only take so much straight Brussels sprouts taste). Perhaps with freshly shaved Parmesan cheese, coated with a Cajun seasoning, or marinated for a little bit.

Happy Grilling.