Sunday, December 4, 2011

Look like a professional: Use freshly grated cheese

Even if you're boiling $2.95 Trader Joe's fresh ravioli pasta on a Sunday while watching football, grate some fresh Romano cheese.


You've just upped your credibility.

Now, you may be sitting on your couch, by yourself, watching the Redskins collapse, with a wall of bud lights protecting you from the sunlight, but don't you feel a little classier with that grated cheese on your 5-minute meal?

Think what it'll do when you're cooking for her on date night.

My Trader Joe's Ravioli
Skirt Steak Sandwich
$2.00 chunk of hard cheese (e.g. Romano, Parmesan) + $5.00 cheese grater = Step 2 towards cooking like a Food Network chef

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