Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Post-Valentine's Day Survey - Meal Results

So I've learned survey's aren't the way to go…No one can get the survey results and seriously, the word "survey" turns people away faster than a Green Peace volunteer with a clipboard at a street corner.

But here are the responses, all three of them...
  • Q1: "Holy shit he cooked for you! Were you impressed?"
    • Yes… Loved it. (3)
  • Q2: "What did he cook?"
    • Steak cooked on the grille, asparagus, salad.
    • Lobster pasta with a salmon caiviar first course
    • Seared tuna with rice and mushrooms. White wine. Oysters, fresh bread, olives and cheese as appetizers
  • Q3: Did you have dessert?"
    • No...and disappointed (1)
    • Yes (1)
    • Yes. Dessert's a must for Valentine's Day. And I can't share anything else, it would be TMI... (1)
  • Q4: "What could've been done differently?"
    • I know it's cheesy, but flowers on Valentine's Day are romantic and would have gone a long way.
    • Not cleaned up. Seriously, we need a maid.
    • Nothing.
I'm trying something new so bear with me but I'd love to hear (and I'm sure the panic-struck visitors to this site would love to hear) how things went on Valentine's Day.

...So, here are four simple questions to help us with future meals. (Survey after the jump)

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