Thursday, May 17, 2012

Turn off the damn TV

You wouldn't serve her microwaved TV dinners, so why the hell are you sitting on the couch, in front of the TV, eating that nicely-prepared dinner?

So, I'm hoping this would never happen on the first cooking date, but I'm sure its crept in on future cooking nights. Now that our lives are run by electronics (try avoiding Twitter, Facebook, or Words with Friends at a red light), there occasionally needs to be this unfortunate but necessary reminder that there's more to life than the images smashed behind a glass screen.

So unless its Sunday night and you're busy watching HBO weave together incredible writing, great actors, and random displays of violence and nudity, turn off the TV. Even if you're at the table but the TV's on from across the room - it doesn't count. 

Go old school (I can't believe this has turned into old school). Put on some music. Turn off that florescent light. And enjoy your company and the dinner you've just prepared, because you can't DVR life.

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