Monday, November 21, 2011

The secret to fluffy pancakes?

(Disclaimer: More story and less recipe)

After a debaucherous day of Red Bull vodka slushies (yes they make them), baking in the sun at Nats stadium, and getting caught in a monsoon, my friends and I stumbled down to the Capitol Hill bar scene.  We knew Capitol Hill wouldn't judge (where else can you go emanating that potpourri "freshness" of sweat, alcohol, and America?)

More shots. More drinks. And we soon became friends two brothers and their female friend at the neighboring hightop table.  We exchanged incoherent banter and nonsense but quickly realized that the bar was surprisingly empty (though it was July 4th weekend and during the holidays, DC clears out faster than a Trader Joe's in yuppieville).  So the smartest thing to do? Hop in a cab and go do karaoke at Four Courts.

With Total Eclipse from the Heart being butchered by two coeds in the background, the brothers suddenly turned serious.

(For the record, I have no idea how this conversation started)

"Okay okay okay. You ready for this?"


"Are you ready for the secret to fluffy pancakes?"

(I have no idea what I was thinking at this point, either because that was 5 months ago or because I'm not really sure how you answer that question)

"Now this a family secret, don't tell anyone..."

(I think the statutes of drunk limitations have definitely passed at this point)

"The secret. To fluffy to use egg whites instead of eggs."

(A google search revealed there are a lot more people that know about their family secret)

And that was it.

Back to the coeds.

Unfortunately, I can't remember the details of exactly how to incorporate egg-white-fluffiness into the pancake mix. I vaguely remember it being as simple as separating the egg whites into a separate bowl, mixing them rapidly, and folding them back into pancake mix.  However, I can't remember if I could use standard Aunt Jemina mix or if I still need the egg yolks.  If anyone knows, please let me know.  I'll keep you posted if there's any fluffy pancakes for a fourth date breakfast.


  1. OK, I laughed out loud at this. The drunken conversation between dudes at a bar is fluffy pancakes? Priceless.

  2. Its not always about sex, drugs, and rock and roll. There's always that 0.5% portion when something like making pancakes will come up.

  3. Krusteaz pancakes mix. I used to make them from scratch with buttermilk, but this mix is just as good and so much easier.

  4. I find my pancakes turn out beautifully - been doing it that way for 20 years. I should try with real buttermilk sometime just for comparison's sake.

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